With the pd-admin server environment we offer web hosting providers a freely available, ready configured complete service package for the secure operating of a web server. It can be installed on all current Linux distributions.

The default server environment comprises amongst other things the following components:

  • Webserver: Apache 2.2 / Apache 2.4
  • cgiwrap or FastCGI for the secure execution of CGI- and PHP-scripts
  • PHP execution via PHP-FPM possible
  • qmail as MTA server
  • Dovecot as IMAP and POP3 server
  • SpamAssassin and ClamAV for spam and virus protection
  • FTP-Server: ProFTPD
  • Database server: MySQL 5.x
  • PHP- und Perlinterpreter with many modules

Program versions in SE 0.293:

Apache2.2 / 2.4
PHP5.6.30, 7.0.20 and 7.1.6
MySQLSeries 4: 5.5 / Series 6: 5.7

We release updates regularly for these components,typically one timeper months. These updates can can installed efficiently and easily with a Shell script.i

We strongly recommend to update the standard-server environment periodically. Updates will be announced via our mailinglist You can subscribe to the mailinglist by sending a mail to