pd-admin provides a convenient web interface for end customers, resellers and administrators. All web interfaces are multilingual.

pd-admin Reseller

Interface for administrators and resellers

  • *new* Webserver Selection: Apache 2.2 / 2.4
  • *new* Support of Let's Encrypt Certificates
  • PHP Interpreter Selection: PHP-FPM / FastCGI / cgiwrap / mod_php
  • Detailed proposal management with accurate resource assignment according to criteria such as
    • Memory capacity
    • Data transfer
    • Number of mailboxes
    • Disk space per mailbox
    • CGI and PHP support
    • MySQL databases
    • Backup rotations
    • etc.
  • Adjustment and administration off reseller accounts including contact details
  • Adjustment and administration of end customer accounts and domains including contact details
  • Fully automated domain registration per e-mail template
  • Consignment of access data at domain adjustment
  • Automatic configuration of disk quotas
  • Multiple-address message to resellers and end customers
  • Administration of SSL certificates and SSL proxies
  • Comprehensive statistics concerning system utilisation, traffic and memory capacity utilisation
pd-admin Endkunden

Interface for end customers

  • *new* php.ini Editor
  • Administration of mailboxes
  • Adjustment of e-mail forwards
  • Spam filter with SpamAssassin
  • Configuration of autoresponder messages
  • Administration of mailing lists with ezmlm
  • Adjustment and forwarding of sub domains
  • Launching additional FTP accounts
  • Adjustement and deletion of MySQL databases
  • Administration of cronjobs
  • Access to backups
  • Access to webalizer and AWstats statistics
  • Download of backups
  • File administration via WebFTP